Innovating health & well-being with solutions that improve life quality and vitality.

Powered by passion, driven to excel, we seek the perfect synergy between cutting edge technology, creative design and scientific knowledge.

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With our e-Health solutions, leaders can provide the best health services with unmatched hospitality experiences to their people, patients, and clients.

since 2012

150+ people

over 15 nationalities

in the heart of Europe

Innovators of well-being

Too many people lose their balance in life. All around us, there is an epidemic of stress- and work-related issues such as back pain, burnout, and insomnia.

Instead of attacking the root causes of these issues with education and prevention, our society reacts by overloading the health care market. The results are exploding health care costs and underperforming workforces. Yunify is set to find new ways of addressing the need of the people.

Powered by passion & science

We merge a passion for caring, scientific knowledge, and lots of creativity into superior e-Health solutions to make life better every day. Loving what we do is the binding factor that drives our people forward through every challenge for improving life quality and vitality. More than 150 people, 15 nationalities and lots of disciplines work together to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Holistic solutions

We create high tech solutions on smartphones, tablets, and computers and share our expertise with our Academy. We bridge the gap between attended and unattended care for prevention and curing. Other than tracking devices, fitness apps or other single dimension tools, our solutions follow a holistic approach. We think people simply deserve solutions that are just like themselves – multidimensional, beautiful and complete!

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